Rajput Wedding Photography

A memorable cross cultural wedding extravaganza…

A story of East meets West; transcending cultural barriers of a traditional Rajput family and conservative Bengali family.

The story of Upasana and Shubho is fit to be made into a Bollywood movie. A story of infinite love, romance, friendship, mentorship, grit, determination and a desire to be together as eternal soul mates.

Shubhu hailed from a Bengali family based in Kolkata, while Upasana belonged to a Rajput family from Panipat. It was love at first sight for Shubho who experienced unselfish unconditional love at the first look of Upasana during their office days. The lady love’s endearing nature, the joy in her demeanour were reason enough for Shubho to fall for Upasana.

That day only he had made up his mind that Upasana would be wife one day. After a few dates, and months of cajoling and coaxing by Shubho, and being away 14000 kms for six months, that Upasana finally realised that they both are born to be together.

Like most romantic stories, this one too had to share its bit of rather long convincing of families to agree for this made in heaven cross cultural match. As goes a popular adage, ‘Love can move mountains’, their families realised the depth of their love and what followed was a happily ever after story.

Shot in Panipat, this multi-cultural Rajput-Bengali wedding was a magnificent effusion of Rajput cultural traditions and Bengali cultural practices. A shoot that gives us goosebumps over the intensity of the love that this emotional couple exuded for each other.

One of the best Rajput wedding photography at Panipat that will make our hearts warm up time and again and reinstate our faith in true love.

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