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Indian catholic weddings are delightful amalgamation of subtle white décor and colourful Indian rituals making them truly drool worthy.

Kevin & Pricilla’s story is a love story of next-door neighbours who grew up together to develop a fondness so deep that being together seemed the only way to grow together.

Kevin, an entrepreneur based out of UAE and Pricilla, a medical practitioner based out of London had the most fun catholic wedding in our repository. The nuptials happened in the beautiful church at Mira Road, but being a super auspicious date right before Christmas, they had three more couples who were to exchange vows the same day.

All the management, planning made this entire shoot so thrilling and equally challenging but the endearing nature of this couple and the overall setup made it worth it. Outcome was some of the best candid moments we got to capture of this much in love couple.

Treat your senses with these refreshing Christian wedding photography Mumbai moments as this beloved couple took the oath to be each other’s pillar of strength and happiness for a lifetime.

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