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A love story that would uplift your spirits and make falling & rising in love the best feeling ever.

 Ayush & Ishani, based out of Washington & Boston respectively met through a group of common friends. For Ayush, a Washington based lawyer and Ishani, an economist with the World Bank, falling for each other seemed imminent given the similar reticent and mature nature both have. Love blossomed and they decided to solemnize their bond in the historic city of Neemrana, at the majestic Tijara Fort.

A lavish affair conceptualized and executed to perfection in authentic Rajasthani elements and style, this wedding comprised of a rich mix of Gujarati & Punjabi rituals. From the surreal mehendi by the sunset to the playful haldi ceremony, to the royal folk music infused sangeet and a marvelous day wedding and a rustic reception, there was enough to satiate our creative appetite and capture some steal worthy royal candid moments.

Get enthralled with the regal beauty of Rajasthani décor and rich Gujarati Punjabi wedding rituals in this mesmerizing Jaipur wedding photography.

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