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If one were to pick the most glitzy weddings from the Indian landscape, Marwari weddings would win hands down. Known for their glitz, glamour and free flow of love and emotions, Marwari weddings set the mood for celebrations.

Prateek’s and Deeksha’s wedding had all elements in it to make it truly memorable in every way. Rare to find couples who care about the minutest of details and finesse in such way as this couple does. A perfect ingredient to awe-inspiring work. Right from their pre-wedding at Tala, Maharashtra to their candid at its best cocktail, to the exuberant sangeet night, lavish wedding and exuberant reception, this uber cool couple made every bead of our creative sweat worth it.
Come rejoice in their celebrations and take a walk down the beautiful traditions of a lovely Marwari wedding shot in Mumbai by the best candid wedding photographer in Mumbai.

Savour their chemistry as they celebrate their union in this beautiful Marwari Jain wedding photo shoot in Mumbai.

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