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The best things in life happen spontaneously and totally unplanned. Shubhum & Anuja’s love story truly epitomizes this saying.

A heartwarming happy tale of love of two happy go lucky souls, Shubhum an entrepreneur specializing in furniture in Nagpur, and Anuja, a graphic designer, who met casually through families and instantly decided to become fellow companions for life.

Much like their decision to enter the wedlock, the preparations also happened in such hush hush way that the entire clan got into action to make their big day truly special. Held at Grape County Resort, in the wine capital of India, Nashik this wedding was all about having unimaginable fun and making memories. The surrounding lush green fields and breathtaking lavender blooms and pristine rivers provided a spectacular backdrop to capture their wedding festivities.

A rich in customs and pure joy-soaked Marwari wedding, this wedding had a great mix of peculiar events, attires, and rituals for a truly unforgettable experience. Experience the ‘Not the usual kind of love story’ firsthand and feel good about the idea of being, falling and rising in love. Soak in the surreal close to nature moments of this best Nashik wedding photographers photo diary.

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