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A stunning Gujarati candid wedding photography in Pune  that epitomizes the extravagance, colour and vibrance that rich, fat Gujarati weddings exude.

Like most wedding stories, this too started off with girl and boy, being disinterested in marriage and keen on exploring life, but caving into family pressure to at least explore the idea of wedlock.

A casual meeting over a cup of coffee in Sahara Star Mumbai soon reaffirmed their idea of marriage and rethink the path they were choosing to tread earlier. Much to the happiness of their families who wanted this bond solemnized, It did not take long for these two young exuberant souls to experience the many similarities of interests they shared and a soothing comfort level both allowed each other in areas of disinterest.

The wedding was an elaborate affair spread across Pune and Oman. With an adventure soaked pre wedding shoot at Della Adventure Resort, Lonavala, the couple made sure that we as a team were pumped up to match their energy levels. A four-day wedding extravaganza at the plush Corinthions Resort, Pune and a rich elaborate wedding reception at the luxurious Shangri la Muscat, Oman with who’s who from the Omani business fraternity, this wedding packed luxury with class and pleasure unlimited.

Treat yourself to the unforgettable visually appealing memories of this big fat Gujarati wedding and soak yourself in the beautiful colors of love and energy. Enjoy this candid wedding photography Pune.

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