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Friendship blossoming into love is perhaps the most beautiful bonds in the world. A friend who is your partner in crime, whom you can fall back on anytime, who knows you inside out and never judges you for your shortcomings, it is a blessing to find a life partner in your best friend.

Dexter & Francesca’s story of love is a perfect ode to friendship translating into love. Raised in the limitless city of Mumbai, Dexter found his lady love in the iconic city of London while pursuing his higher studies. Their journey from batchmates to eternal mates was a natural extension of the warmth they both brought into each other’s life.

Settled in London, United Kingdom, they both chose to exchange their vows amidst their friends and family in Mumbai. Their intimate heart felt Catholic wedding held in the rustic Santa Cruz, Mumbai Church was an intimate family affair, soaked in love, happiness and blessings of their friends and family.

Savour the taste of true heart warming love in this Mumbai catholic wedding photoshoot of Dexter and Francesca .Experience timeless moments of love and eternal companionship in this exquisite best NRI wedding photography Mumbai.

A classic Mumbai white wedding photoshoot captured by the best NRI wedding photographers India…

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