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A wedding to remember… This charming wedding happened in the spectacular Della Adventure Resort, Lonavala over a period of four days.

Imbued in vibrant colours and infused with rich authentic south Indian Tamil Brahmin customs with the rustic view of the Lonavala hills, this had the perfect backdrop and elements for showcasing Tamil brahmin traditions at their authentic best.

With musicians flown from the south India, a huge congregation of pandits for performing the holy wedding rituals and surreal wedding décor resembling a temple laden with handpicked flowers reminiscent of a sacred temple ceremony, Ramya & Akshay’s wedding was awe inspiring.

Enlighten your creative buds and get a real taste of the rich soaked in traditions Tamil wedding rituals with their enchanting wedding pictures.

Spiritually enlightening, and emotionally heartwarming; this authentic tambrahm wedding soaked in rich south Indian wedding customs will help lend a new meaning to the idea of pure unalloyed love. Relish the best south Indian wedding photography in Lonavala his enchanting traditional Tamil brahmin destination wedding at Della Adventure Resorts, Lonavala.

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