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An ultra cute Do it Yourself Marathi wedding photography Mumbai of an exceptionally warm hearted Marathi bride and groom. A wedding that marries the simplicity of Maharashtrian marriages with the vibrant colours of love. Shraddha’s and Aditya’s beautiful intimate Marathi wedding photo shoot Mumbai had all the elements in it to make it a delight for photography.

Held at a picturesque farm house in Thane, this Marathi wedding photography Mumbai served as a true ode to love and togetherness. A culturally rich Maharashtrian wedding ceremony held amidst the lush green landscape of Thane hills, this wedding acted as the perfect platform to showcase the artistic side of wedding photography. 

From jaw dropping Mumbai wedding decor inspiration to some of the most beautiful marathi wedding rituals, this Maharashtrian wedding Mumbai was simplicity soaked in class and beauty. Experience the joy of unique marathi wedding customs and ceremonies  in this awe inspiring best Mumbai wedding photography diary. An eclectic mix of traditional marathi bridal portraits to royal couple portraits Mumbai to cute marathi wedding photos, this project served as one of our favourite and the best candid wedding photographer Mumbai assignment.

Savour the colorful wedding memories of this beautiful Maharashtrian couple as they pledged to tread the path of eternal togetherness and unleash the power of love within you.

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A cute adorable Marathi wedding photography Mumbai that will make your hearts dance with joy. 

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