Idyllic Wedding Photoshoot Bahrain-Story of Archana and Collin

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Multi-cultural weddings offer the perfect backdrop for a fascinating display of emotions, priceless moments and unparalleled fun.

Archana & Collin’s wedding will certainly top the list of some of our most memorable weddings. Held in the scenic rustic resorts of Bahrain, this lovely wedding was a rich mix of Gujarati traditions and Catholic customs all of which lent it a royal rustic flavour.

A heart-warming story of two souls who discovered love over friendship. Hailing from completely different families and entirely different cultures, this couple stood tall amidst many resistances from their family and friends in their journey of eternal love and companionship. But as goes the popular adage, ‘Love can move mountains’, so did their love.

A fun filled intimate family affair, this wedding photoshoot in Bahrain was an eclectic mix of rich Gujarati customs and the surreal feel of Catholic customs. Shot over a period of four days at Bahrain, this amazingly warm couple and their equally hospitable families made us experience homeliness away from home.

Come soak your senses in their unique mix of Gujarati-Catholic wedding customs as this much in love couple vowed to tread the path of lifetime of togetherness amidst the rustic charming locales of Bahrain.

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