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Nothing can beat the surreal charm and sophistication of a meticulously planned Gujarati wedding photography. A work of art, it is a perfect ode celebrating love the spiritual way.

It is a pledge by two similar or quite opposite personalities who vow to work together complementing each other in making their journey of life truly memorable together. 

For a creative candid wedding photographer, a beautiful couple who lets their creativity get the better of them is a God sent gift. Jwal’s and Shailee’s big fat Indian wedding was a perfect wedding set up for the best candid photographers India.

Charming personalities and equally warm carefree nature is what set this couple apart. Doctors by profession, they chose CandidShutters as their candid wedding photographer for covering their luxury Gujarati wedding in Ahmedabad.

Being childhood friends and now being in the same profession, marriage was always the obvious answer to the years of memories they had created since childhood.

Their 4 day extravagant Gujarati wedding  epitomized everything rich yet classy. Firstly the action packed sangeet night, then the inspirational sunset wedding pheras, thirdly their dreamy Gujarati wedding reception, this Gujarati wedding photo shoot gave enough fodder to our creative souls to marry colours and traditions with creativity and showcase a  visual masterpiece.

Because the real beauty lies in the minutest of details, hence this luxury destination wedding stands out for the great attention to detail in every aspect of their wedding. From the intricate details in the Oh so Heavenly! decor across events, to the handpicked outfits of the bride and groom and their entire clan, to the choice of musical bands and elaborate food spreads, this big fat luxury destination wedding India  was planned and executed to perfection. And the outcome was ethereal-best candid wedding photography and videography in this ultimate Gujarati wedding photography.

Come experience love the extravagant classy Gujarati way in this beautiful Gujarati wedding photography.

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