North Indian

Punjabi weddings hold a peculiar charm of their own.  Replete with colors, music, dance, vibrant outfits, running high on energy with finger licking food spreads, Punjabis sure have mastered the art of celebrating weddings like none other. Karan & Reet’s sikh wedding was no different. Held in the picturesque locales of Rudrapur, Dehradun and Chandigarh, […]

This is one wedding that will forever hold a special place in our hearts. Shot in the expansive fast paced cities of New York-New Jersey, this Punjabi Haryanvi Hindu wedding epitomizes love, warmth, hospitality and unlimited fun. A classic tale of two full of life wandering souls who discovered love over a dating site. Like […]

A smile is the shortest way to a person’s heart. Akshat & Pratishta’s story started with a young exuberant boy falling for an endearing winsome smile of the girl of his dreams. An arranged match, what drew Akshat towards Pratishta was her captivating smile and the sheer simplicity and beauty of her character. This lavish […]

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