Wedding Cinema Knowledge Series

CandidShutters brings to you "Wedding Cinema Knowledge Series" to explain what goes in the Making of a splendid "Wedding Cinema". Interviews, cinematography, editing and a little coordination can make your "Wedding Cinema" not only memorable but also inspirational for your generations to come.



First in this series we explain why interviews are so important. The video shows how well the interviews of the bride and groom came out that it became the Opening Montage of their Wedding Film. We named It "Opposites Attract"



In this part, we explain what is film treatment and why is it so important for your wedding video.



Decoration, if not shot creatively could be one of the most boring and monotonous part of the wedding film.

Wherein the rest of our Wedding Film is focused mainly on capturing the various moods of the event, this sequence nicely brings out the decoration alive. In decoration shoot the attention should be on capturing the feel and the ambience created by the decoration. This section showcases all the money spent on making the wedding a grand event.



The interest and involvement level of the client is crucial in the making of a stunning and memorable wedding film. The more the involvement and enthusiasm shown by the client, the  better their film becomes.

This video features an impromptu music video filmed at a "Mehendi event". It was a simple Mehendi Event, but we wanted to capture the excitement of the bride, groom and their friends, we suggested them to have a fun dance. The groom obliged and we filmed the most enjoyable sequence of their Wedding Film.

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