Top 5 Pre Wedding Shoot Destinations Rajasthan

Top 5 pre wedding shoot destinations Rajasthan is about Veena and Vishal's majestic and grand pre wedding shoot in Jaisalmer and the blue city Jodhpur.

Veena and Vishal are from the medical profession and live in the USA. They are from Mumbai and Surat respectively and chose CandidShutters as their photographers and Jaisalmer and Rajasthan as their locations when they were searching for top 5 pre wedding shoot destinations Rajasthan.

If you are planning your pre wedding shoot in Rajasthan then do check out the places mentioned below:

  1. Sand dunes, Jaisalmer
  2. Blue city, Jodhpur
  3. Jodhpur fort
  4. Lake Pichola, Udaipur
  5. City Palace, Udaipur

Come see Rajasthan-India's princely state through the lens of CandidShutters.

Stay tuned for their wedding pictures.

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