Everything’s fine but what do you do?

Good question. We are a team of passionate photographers and designers who have decided to spread happiness around. How? We used to design albums and other print products only for our photography clients but one fine day we decided to throw it open to everyone. So, whether you hire our photography services or you do not, you can still give us your photographs and get photo albums, leather photo frames, wooden photo frames, canvas printed frames, wood printed frames, calendars and scroll albums made.

What is so special about CandidShutters photo albums?

Our photo albums are completely hand crafted which means that when you give your photographs for albums, we edit them (on the basis of look and feel of every page, the individual photos are not edited) and design each and every page manually. Our photography background further helps us in understanding the story behind your photographs and in crafting them in various designs. When the designs are done, we send you an online preview and offer you one set of changes free of cost. Your design is printed only once you approve it.

On the product side, we have tied up with some of the best printing companies such as Canvera and a few others. Each of these companies offer best in class products. We have started our own in house prints as well.

Compare us with other album companies or your photographers : either they do not have the experience and the skill required to design your albums or they do it on some software. Personalisation is what truly sets us apart from all the others.

With CandidShutters photo albums, you also get the assurance that there is a personal involvement. Since we are a boutique, we take care of all the steps ourselves which means that right from understanding your design preferences, colours you like, design elements you prefer to designing and then overseeing the final delivery; all is done personally by us thus ensuring that your albums get the kind of attention they deserve and you are free from all the hassles. You just need to give us your photographs and preferences and then sit back and relax.

Do you give warranties?

Yes, we are so confident of our albums that we give a 25 year warranty that there will be no manufacturing defects. If for some reason such a defect occurs then we will replace the album free of cost.

Do you give demos of your products?

Yes, in Mumbai and Gurgaon, we do give demos in our offices.

At any point, it would be best to give us a call and enquire. We would be glad to help you.

You can call us at 08080470280.

Are the sizes mentioned on your website the exact sizes of your albums and other print products?

No, the sizes mentioned are approximate sizes and the final products may have a 3% to 5% variation in terms of the sizes.

Sounds interesting, but how to go about it?

Great. You just have to select the albums/print products you like and send us an enquiry for that. We will call you with the exact rates and take the process forward. To help you decide, we have categorised our albums basis the occasions, properties of the albums etc. Remember that each and every album of ours is unique and we do not use any templates to design your album.

Find all this confusing? Never mind, pickup your phone and give us a call at 08080470280.
How much advance do I need to pay and how?

When it comes to payment, we are very particular because we feel that it’s our right to get paid when we have worked so hard. No over demands – right?

50% of the order amount is what we charge when you order an album. You can pay us using any mode of payment you are comfortable with. Do remember that the order is confirmed only once we get the money in our account. The remaining amount is payable when you confirm the design. For print products, 100% of the amount is payable before the products can be printed and dispatched.

What does your album package contain?

Each and every album of ours comes in best in class packaging. Some albums come with hard board boxes and some come with leather ones. Some of the albums come in leather/jute bags as well. The product pages list the boxes/bags which the albums come with.

How much time do you take?

Since the products are completely hand designed, we take about two weeks to send you the preview and when you approve the design, we take about a week’s time to print and send the album to you.

How do I give the photographs?

You can send your photos to us either online through Google drive, Microsoft Onedrive, www.wetransfer.com, www.dropbox.com or through any other file transfer application or you can courier them to us in DVDs or pen-drives. In Mumbai and Gurgaon we can get them collected as well.

Is there a format in which the photographs need to be given?

Yes, you need to shortlist the ones you want us to use in your album design and then arrange them in the sequence you want them to appear in the album. Remember that these photographs need to be of significantly high resolution so that we can use them properly in our designs.

How do I tell you about the photographs which need to be highlighted in the album?

You can mention the image names or numbers and we will ensure that those images are adequately highlighted.

Can I suggest references from across the web?

Of course.

Are the designs which you make related to the type of photos I give you?

Photographs play a very important role in designing; the better your photos are, the better the final designs will look.

How do I know that which album is best for my photographs?

Though the final call will be yours, we have given our suggestions in the product descriptions/categories/tags.

 Aren’t your albums a bit costlier than others?

Well, most of the album companies you see online or speak with offline provide a “do it yourself” platform where you have to load your photos in an application and design the pages yourself. There are fixed templates and themes and there is no editing (page wise) involved on the photographs. When you are done with the design, they just print and courier it to you. There is no human interference and no personalisation.

CandidShutters photo albums and prints are perhaps the only products which are hand designed and completely customised because of which our cost prices rise. But we believe that when we are providing products with impeccable craftsmanship, you wouldn’t mind paying a bit more. Would you?

What is your data policy and how do you accommodate request for changes on your products?

At CandidShutters, we strive hard to deliver your photo albums and prints to you as per the agreed timeline. This timeline maybe different for different customers and is communicated to our customers very clearly when they signup for our services.

Once you receive your album designs you will get 7 days to suggest changes, if any. If we do not receive any changes by this time then we will consider that you are happy with the products (which most of the time you will be :)) and we will close the project from our side. The design will then be sent for print. Please note that once the design has been sent for print, no changes can be incorporated. The printing will happen only after the full payment has been realised. We maintain your raw data and processed data for 8 weeks from the date of delivery of the processed work. Post that, due to space constraints, we flush out our data servers to give space to newer projects.

Do you only make wedding related albums or other products?

No, not at all. Though a major part of our portfolio shows that we are only into weddings, we can make albums and other products for almost any occasion be it birthdays, anniversaries or just about any other event or occasion.

What are the other products which you sell?

Apart from photo albums, we sell leather photo frames, wooden photo frames, canvas printed frames, wood printed frames, calendars and scroll albums.

What is the difference between coffee table books, photo albums and photo books?

In the common parlance, these names are used interchangeably with coffee table books being used for albums which are smaller in size and very handy. However, the correct definitions are as given below:

Photo albums: They are the true albums. Made with high quality photographic paper, these albums are the costliest. They use high quality leather and paper and are often hand designed and hand made. However the paper is prone to wear and tear and moisture and can get spoilt ver easily.

Photo books: They are the ones currently that get sold the most in the market. With soft or hardcovers, they are designed using softwares and printed using press papers.

Coffee table books: Portable and handy books with non lay flat binding and thin card board type press paper.

What we sell can be called a hybrid of photo albums and photo books. The coffee table books are similarly our smaller hybrids. They are hybrids because we design them manually but print them on non photographic paper.

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