Premium Hard bound Metallic Acrylic Cover Photo Albums

Premium Hard bound metallic acrylic cover photo albums are our premium photo albums with covers having a mix of leather and acrylic. There is leather on the back cover and an acrylic sheet with design printed on the front cover.

They are available in landscape format.

  • Available sizes (in inches and for one side of the album):10″x14″, 12″x12″, 12″x15″ and 12″x18″
  • Available page types: 170 GSM glossy, 170 GSM matte, 170 GSM non-tearable glossy, 170 GSM non-tearable matte, 170 GSM velvet touch; 210 GSM glossy, 210 GSM matte, 210 GSM non-tearable glossy, 210 GSM non-tearable matte, 210 GSM velvet touch
  • Number of sheets: Minimum 15 sheets and maximum 60 sheets
  • Binding: Non flat (V cut)
  • Cover: These albums have leather on the back cover and photo printed acrylic sheet on the front cover. These are avaiable in four colour options
  • Bag type: Leather bag in same colour as album cover
  • Shipping: Free shipping across India
  • Starting price: Rs 15 000