Classic All Wood Box Photo Album

  • For those wanting to add an element of regality to their photographs, our all-time favourite classic handcrafted wood box albums are certain to strike a chord with your heart and bowl you over with their finesse and class
  • Handcrafted using finest quality pine wood, this wooden box comes with a canvas printed cover
  • Size of the Box:
    • 7.5 inches x 10 inches
  • Size of the Album:
    • 6 inches x 6 inches (6 inches x 12 inches in landscape/open book format)
    • 15 sheets/30 pages in matt finish paper with absolute flat binding
  • Paper Thickness:
    • 200 GSM paper in matte finish
  • Package Contents:
    • A 6 inches x 6 inches hard cover album in a classic wooden box
    • Canvas printed cover atop the wooden album box
    • 32 GB pen drive (made of wooden outer casing)
    • Enclosed in a premium leather bag
  • USP:
    • Exclusive wooden box albums, first time in India in all-natural pine wood finish
    • Exquisite packaging makes it a perfect way to preserve your life’s most important moments
  • Price: Rs 7250 inclusive of designing, printing and shipping anywhere in India

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