Looking for discount coupons and offers ? You have reached the right place!

This is the page where we list all the offers and discounts currently active on CandidShutters store.

1. Bulk discounts: 

(a) Multiple albums of same size: This offer is applicable whenever you purchase more than one album of the same size.

A discount of 5% (on the total price) on the eligible products will be applied when you purchase more than one albums of the same size.

(b) Multiple albums of different sizes: This offer is applicable whenever you purchase more than one album. The albums can be of different sizes.

A discount of 3% (on the total price) is applicable when you make the purchase. To avail this discount, you will have to call us at +91 8080470280.

2. Same design discount:

When you purchase multiple albums and wish to have all the albums printed with exactly the same design then you are eligible for a discount. The discount amount is not fixed and is calculated on case by case basis.

Same design discount is applicable only on the following two combinations of products:

(a) Multiple albums of same size and with same design.

(b) Multiple albums of different sizes but with same designs: This discount is applicable only when 6″x9″ albums are bought with 12″x18″ albums. All the albums must necessarily have exactly the same design.

The above discounts are applicable only on albums and are not applicable on any of the add ons.

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