Professional Wedding Photography Vizag

Varun , a technical engineer with the Indian air force is from Soperu while our lovely bride, Likhita works as an IT professional in Bangalore and hails from Elluru.

This south-indian wedding, an elaborate a week long affair, was spread across Soperu, Elluru, Hyderabad and New Delhi.

The wedding was a huge affair with thousands of guests and was carried out in full Andhra customs and traditions.

Enjoy this professional wedding photography Vizag, Soperu and Elluru.

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  • Priya says:

    I have 4 upcoming marriage functions in this year in mumbai.
    I need to know your starting price.

    The functions are as follows:
    1. Engagement 22 Oct – Evening in Mulund
    2. Mehendi 13 Dec – Evening in Bhandup West
    3. Marriage 14 Dec – Morning in Bhandup West
    4. Reception 14 Dec – Evening in Bhandup West

    Please quote accordingly n reply

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