Destination Wedding Photographer Agra

Shalini and Prakash-a match made in heaven and captured by CandidShutters-the destination wedding photographer Agra. Love lies in the thoughtful glances towards each other, in the satisfying feeling that your loved one is by your side, adding to your strength and making you feel complete. A marriage arranged for two souls who bring out the […]


Best Candid Wedding Photographer in Kathmandu Nepal

This was a ‘Love in Nepal’ wedding shoot. Mridula and Akhil, both from Marwari families, were born and brought up in Nepal as their families had relocated to Kathmandu many decades before. The groom’s sister who runs an advertising firm in Mumbai, to cover this beautiful Love in Nepal romance, contacted us. Both Mirdula and […]

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Best Photographers in India-Story of Purva and Dev

Indian weddings are known for their lavish decors, rich ceremonies, magnificent outfits and lot of merry making. Marking a beginning of a new phase of life for the couple, weddings in India are a celebration of a lifetime. And when it comes to extravagance and style, Marwari weddings surpass all with the richness of their […]


Candid photographs from a destination wedding in Jaipur

Two ambitious souls, one hailing from the colourful historical city of Jaipur and the other from the ever charming bustling with energy city of Mumbai set on a journey to realise their dreams in one of the most coveted management institutions of India-Indian School of Business, Hyderabad. Amidst the management lessons and the never ending lectures, blossoms a […]


Marwari Wedding Photography

Cherry and Saurabh are both doctors and had been dating since last 5 years. It was fun filled marwari wedding lasting over 3 days. Our crew had an equally amazing time doing this marwari wedding photography. If you like the work then do not forget to share it with a hashtag #bestmarwariweddingphotographer

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Nepali Marwadi Wedding Photography in Kathmandu

A lavish Marwadi wedding solemnized in the pristine hills of Kathmandu, Nepal. A match arranged by families, but one that blossomed into a soothing love story before wedlock; Manoj’s and Manashwi’s story re instills one’s faith in innocent pure love. The beautiful colourful wedding festivities marked the perfect way to celebrate the union of these […]

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