Beautiful Nepali Wedding Photography-1148

Beautiful Nepali Wedding Photography

Having shot extensively in Nepal over the last many years, this wedding came as a lovely surprise to satiate our creativity and creating mesmerising moments from our beautiful Nepali wedding photography assignment. An authentic Nepalese wedding infused with colourful and rich Nepali customs, this Royal Nepali wedding was a toast to everything beautiful, creative and […]

Top 10 Indian Wedding Photographers Bahrain-55

Top 10 Indian Wedding Photographers Bahrain-Story of Archana and Collin

Multi-cultural weddings are always the most challenging and yet the most satisfying to participate in. With a unique mix of distinct traditions from each of the cultures, there is enough creative fodder in these weddings to satiate our hunger for creative appetite. Archana’s and Collin’s wedding will certainly go down as one of the most […]

top wedding photographer delhi-33

Top Wedding Photographer Delhi

Top wedding photographer Delhi is a post about the story and pictures from the wedding of Parth and Shweta. The wedding was spread over three days in lavish banquets-the Falcon and Country Inn. The first day witnessed high voltage dance performance from both the sides. Second day was all about mehndi and traditions and the third day […]

Destination wedding photographer India-1168

Destination Wedding Photographer India-Story of Smit and Dhwani

Smit and Dhwani are from Mumbai. They chose CandidShutters as their wedding photographers when they were looking for destination wedding photographer India. When extravagance meets class, outcome is Smit and Dhwani. This full of life Gujarati wedding held at Della Adventure Resort, Lonavala is one that would remain etched in our hearts for years to […]


Destination Wedding Photographer Agra

Shalini and Prakash-a match made in heaven and captured by CandidShutters-the destination wedding photographer Agra. Love lies in the thoughtful glances towards each other, in the satisfying feeling that your loved one is by your side, adding to your strength and making you feel complete. A marriage arranged for two souls who bring out the […]


Professional Photographers Goa

Professional photographers Goa is a post containing Himanshu and Shraddha’s wedding story and wedding pictures. They say ‘Life is a Journey’; this journey becomes a cherished one when you tread it with your best travel buddy. A rocking love story of two die hard travel enthusiasts. This ever so happy full of life couple discovered […]


Wedding Photographer Mumbai

Story of two people who love living life king size. Having resolved that marriage was not her cup of tea, Krushika was clear that she would keep a safe distance from this solemn bond. Until on her parents’ insistence she met Rushabh. It was ‘Love Actually’ for her. An enterprising Mumbai couple who met the […]


Best Indian Wedding Photography

This was a candid wedding story of a South Indian girl, born, brought up and settled in the US and an Italian Researcher man. They both chose Mahabalipuram for their destination wedding. They wanted candid wedding photography and cinematography coverage for their event, which was at par with world standards. They liked our work which […]

wedding photographers mumbai-1100

Wedding Photographers Mumbai

If one were to pick the most glitzy weddings from the Indian landscape, Marwari weddings would win hands down. Known for their glitz, glamour and free flow of love and emotions, Marwari weddings set the mood for celebrations. Prateek’s and Deeksha’s wedding had all elements in it to make it truly memorable in every way. […]


Best Candid Wedding Photographer in Kathmandu Nepal

This was a ‘Love in Nepal’ wedding shoot. Mridula and Akhil, both from Marwari families, were born and brought up in Nepal as their families had relocated to Kathmandu many decades before. The groom’s sister who runs an advertising firm in Mumbai, to cover this beautiful Love in Nepal romance, contacted us. Both Mirdula and […]

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