Top 10 Indian Wedding Photographers Bahrain-55

Top 10 Indian Wedding Photographers Bahrain-Story of Archana and Collin

Multi-cultural weddings are always the most challenging and yet the most satisfying to participate in. With a unique mix of distinct traditions from each of the cultures, there is enough creative fodder in these weddings to satiate our hunger for creative appetite. Archana’s and Collin’s wedding will certainly go down as one of the most […]


Wedding Photographer Mumbai

Story of two people who love living life king size. Having resolved that marriage was not her cup of tea, Krushika was clear that she would keep a safe distance from this solemn bond. Until on her parents’ insistence she met Rushabh. It was ‘Love Actually’ for her. An enterprising Mumbai couple who met the […]


Wedding Photographers Mumbai

A cute love story that would make you want to fall in love. This young exuberant Mumbai based couple crossed each other’s paths at a common friend’s birthday bash. For Karan, it was love at first sight. Bubbly and amiable as Ekta is, he was bowled over by her cute jovial nature and could not […]

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Best Indian Wedding Photographer-Story of Deepali and Kshitij

A love story that reinstills your faith in the age old adage, ‘Marriages are made in Heaven’. Deepali’s and Kshitij’s story is no less than a movie script. Two well established ambitious young MBA pass outs staying in the USA and longing to find their perfect match. Giving into the usual family coaxing and cajoling […]

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Wedding Photographers Bangalore : Story of a Tulu Wedding

Life is all about unexpected encounters. It is some of these unplanned chanced encounters which become turning points in your life. The story of Nivya and Dhir is set amidst such a chance encounter by a friend over a dinner party. Like most destined events, this too panned out differently than expected. Curious and somewhat […]

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Best Photographers in India-Story of Purva and Dev

Indian weddings are known for their lavish decors, rich ceremonies, magnificent outfits and lot of merry making. Marking a beginning of a new phase of life for the couple, weddings in India are a celebration of a lifetime. And when it comes to extravagance and style, Marwari weddings surpass all with the richness of their […]

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Candid Christian Wedding Photography Mumbai

They say Love knows no boundaries. The story of Stephene and Merwin is a classic take on the ever so popular romantic movie stories. A love story which began in the virtual mode over a chat online over social media, their story packs numerous elements that will make you feel good about the idea of […]


Mumbai’s Best Wedding Photographers

Gujarati weddings are popular for their sweet traditions, colourful attires and feet tapping Gujarati music. Rushil and Saloni’s was a fairy tale wedding held at Mumbai’s elite Cooperage Grounds and covered by Mumbai’s best wedding photographers. The entire baraat came decked up to perfection in myriad colourful hues to add to the beauty of this colourful wedding celebration. […]


Rajput Wedding Photography

A memorable cross cultural wedding extravaganza… A story of East meets West; transcending cultural barriers of a traditional Rajput family and conservative Bengali family. The story of Upasana and Shubho is fit to be made into a Bollywood movie. A story of infinite love, romance, friendship, mentorship, grit, determination and a desire to be together as eternal soul […]


Mesmerising Candid shots from a Wedding in Delhi

A wedding in Delhi…A love story that transcends geographical boundaries… A lovely colourful Punjabi wedding in Delhi extravaganza. Gaurav and Ishita’s is one wedding in Delhi that shall remain etched in our hearts for years to come. A college friendship that blossomed into romance and overcome geographical distances, family objections and stood the tide of time. Both met […]

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