Top 10 Indian Wedding Photographers Bahrain-55

Top 10 Indian Wedding Photographers Bahrain-Story of Archana and Collin

Multi-cultural weddings are always the most challenging and yet the most satisfying to participate in. With a unique mix of distinct traditions from each of the cultures, there is enough creative fodder in these weddings to satiate our hunger for creative appetite. Archana’s and Collin’s wedding will certainly go down as one of the most […]

wedding photographer kerala

Wedding Photographer Kerala-Justin and Shaly

Wedding Photographer Kerala is a post about two lovely souls Justin and Shaly. While Justin hails from Kannur in Kerala, Shaly hails from Mahe in Puducherry. They both met through common friends and instantly fell in love. Justin is currently employed in New Zealand where Shaly plans to soon relocate to. These pictures which are […]

candid christian wedding photography mumbai-9

Candid Christian Wedding Photography Mumbai

They say Love knows no boundaries. The story of Stephene and Merwin is a classic take on the ever so popular romantic movie stories. A love story which began in the virtual mode over a chat online over social media, their story packs numerous elements that will make you feel good about the idea of […]

Catholic Candid wedding photography nagpur-30

Candid Wedding Photography Nagpur

Catholic weddings are always a fun to shoot because of their varied customs. The wedding of Deepak and Andrea was no different. Deepak works at an MNC in Mumbai while Andrea works with an IT company in Mumbai. This shy but good-natured couple had their marriage arranged by their parents in one of the most famous resorts of […]

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