Best Indian Wedding Photographers New Jersey USA-13

Best Indian Wedding Photographers New Jersey-Story of Heena and Sunny

This is one wedding that will forever hold a special place in our hearts. Shot in the expansive fast paced cities of New York-New Jersey, this Punjabi Hindu wedding epitomizes love, warmth, hospitality and unlimited fun. A classic tale of two full of life wandering souls who discovered love over a dating site. Like most […]

wedding photographer kerala

Wedding Photographer Kerala-Justin and Shaly

Wedding Photographer Kerala is a post about two lovely souls Justin and Shaly. While Justin hails from Kannur in Kerala, Shaly hails from Mahe in Puducherry. They both met through common friends and instantly fell in love. Justin is currently employed in New Zealand where Shaly plans to soon relocate to. These pictures which are […]

top 10 wedding photographers mumbai

Top 10 Wedding Photographers Mumbai-Story of Sunil and Devanshi

Top 10 wedding photographers Mumbai is a post about the story and wedding pictures of a lovely couple Sunil and Devanshi. Sunil had met Devanshi through common friends in Mumbai and it was during the first meeting only when Sunil fell for Devanshi. They both found each other cute and lovable but it was Sunil […]


Wedding Photographers Mumbai

A cute love story that would make you want to fall in love. This young exuberant Mumbai based couple crossed each other’s paths at a common friend’s birthday bash. For Karan, it was love at first sight. Bubbly and amiable as Ekta is, he was bowled over by her cute jovial nature and could not […]

Best wedding photographers Hyderabad-26

Best Wedding Photographers Hyderabad-Story of Sneha and Vrajesh

Sneha and Vrajesh’s south Indian wedding was one crazy wedding where everyone enjoyed as much as possible. Both of them being NRIs, they decided to go back to their roots and get married in a typical south Indian style in Hyderabad. They chose CandidShutters as their wedding photographers in Hyderabad for candid wedding photography Hyderabad service. Have […]

candid wedding photos-21

Candid Wedding Photos-Story of a Goan Wedding

Weddings in India are celebrated with much fan fare and pomp and show. Being a land of myriad cultures, with each community and culture having its own set of rich rituals and customs, some wedding ceremonies stand out for the simplicity of their rituals and conduct. Maharashtrian weddings are a perfect example of simple intense […]


Indian Wedding Photography in Kolhapur

Any mention of Indian wedding photography is incomplete without talking about the real India, the India which resides in smaller cities and not just the metros. After all Indian wedding photography is not just the wedding photography in Delhi or Chennai but also the photography which happens in these beautiful and smaller cities. Candid photography […]


Lucknow Wedding Photography

Lucknow is a great wedding destination due to its rich and vibrant historical culture. We were contacted by a tensed Meenaxi barely 10 days before her wedding when she was searching for wedding photographers in Lucknow. There was ample preparation work left and she had not finalized her candid wedding photographers. We decided to come […]


Chennai Wedding Photography

This was our third visit to Chennai in a period of one year. Nirmal and Asha had long booked our candid wedding photography service for their wedding in Chennai. It was an elaborate tamil wedding which started at about 6 am in the morning and went on till 12 at night. There were about 3000-4000 […]


Best Wedding Photographers in Bhopal

Amit and Nupur’s was a memorable wedding not just because of the unique Bihari rituals we got a chance to cover but more so because of the warm nature of the couple. Amit is a software engineer in US while Nupur is an aspiring interior designer from Bhopal. This wedding was spread over two cites […]

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