Best Candid Wedding Photographer in Kathmandu Nepal

This was a ‘Love in Nepal’ wedding shoot. Mridula and Akhil, both from Marwari families, were born and brought up in Nepal as their families had relocated to Kathmandu many decades before. The groom’s sister who runs an advertising firm in Mumbai, to cover this beautiful Love in Nepal romance, contacted us. Both Mirdula and […]

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Nepali Marwadi Wedding Photography in Kathmandu

A lavish Marwadi wedding solemnized in the pristine hills of Kathmandu, Nepal. A match arranged by families, but one that blossomed into a soothing love story before wedlock; Manoj’s and Manashwi’s story re instills one’s faith in innocent pure love. The beautiful colourful wedding festivities marked the perfect way to celebrate the union of these […]

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