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Album designs from the best Candid Wedding Photographers and Cinematographers of India. To see our our work do browse through the links at the top of this page and also check out other blog posts.

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Gone are the days when people used to print each and every photograph and put them in wedding albums made of cardboard and plastic sheets. No wonder that the arrangement of photographs when filed in such a manner used to look like postcards stacked up for sale!

With the availability of modern techniques, the need to satisfy the ever increasing client demands and the desire to deliver something creative and unique, the album companies have totally done away with printing and stacking of photographs and have brought the concept of printed sheets which are creatively designed with event photographs. The sheets themselves come in various types and provide a feeling of elegance while being durable at the same time.

In our last article, we had explained about our album offerings (click here to read it). To give our clients a better idea, we decided to post some of the designs which we had done for our past clients. Have a look at them below and if you like them then do leave a comment, and trust us, these designs along with the printed albums come at pretty reasonable prices and you can get them for yourself even if you have not got the photography done from us! We exist to bring smiles on your face, so we shouldn't mind who the photographer was, right?

Click on the images to open the designs.


The designs which we do can be neatly classified into two categories (a) Modern design- which means that images on a sheet overlap each other without giving a cluttered look (b) Clean design- which means that images are arranged without letting them overlap.

As you can see in the above albums that not only do we arrange the images and design the pages so that they look good, but also we edit the images and at times crop out portions of images to give the pages that spectacular feel so that you get a keeper for years to come.

The time from which we receive the final set of images to be put in the albums to the preview time is generally about a week and once you approve the preview, we send it for printing which again takes about a week. The final album comes to you from Canvera by courier.
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  • Dinesh kumar says:

    Req only candid photography. Please send ur rates..

  • naseem isaq says:

    Hello sir/madam

    I am from London, UK. I got married last year, and have not made my albums.
    I was looking on the internet, and I came across your website- I am very interested in your work.

    I am looking to have 2 albums made- one is for my mehendi ceremony, the other is the reception. I have all the pictures captured as high resolution photos on DVDs and I would require delivery to London, Uk

    Can you tell me if you can take on this work? Also, do you offer a album design service?

    Many thanks and awaiting response


  • Mohit says:

    Please share your Designs and services

    Mohit khanna photography

  • Dines says:


    I’m a photographer based in London and I shoot Indian wedding and ceremonies, I am looking for a solid loyalty, trustfully editor and album printer with excellent delivery service around London and Paris.
    I expect from you photos editing with templates, backgrounds, page styles, masks & clip arts…

    If I am in front of the right door, please let know about your price and conditions.

    Kind regards,
    Dines Waran

  • krishna says:


    I am looking for photo album design and printing of my wedding photos.

    can you offer album designing of my photos?

    Regards ,


  • Parthiban R says:


    I am looking for photo album design and printing of my wedding photos.

    can you offer album designing of my photos .If I am in front of the right door, please let know about your price and conditions

    Regards ,


  • Ram says:

    Hi – I am looking for photo album design and printing of my wedding photos. can you offer album designing of my photos?

  • SAMRUDDHI says:

    i want a indian wedding album designer, work should be a bit classy & service is required to be fast. mail me ur work soon if anyone interested in helping. mail id mail me some of you work with the rates {pricing per sheet}.

    thank you

  • Somnath says:

    I am a photographer.Can you please send me the price list for album designing and printing cost of albums.

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