About us

The essence of true photography is to bring out the very soul

of the moment or the emotion captured.

 CandidShutters is an endeavour to fulfil that very motive of photography.

Brain child of Pranjal Kumar, CandidShutters started off as an expression to Pranjal’s hunger for creativity.

With a rich academic background from India’s most prestigious educational institutions, BITS Pilani (Electronics engineering) and NMIMS Mumbai (MBA, Marketing) and a fascination for creativity since his childhood days, Pranjal was always determined to turn his dreams into a living reality.

It didn’t take him long to muster up courage after his MBA from NMIMS Mumbai and chuck up a successful corporate career. CandidShutters became a perfect amalgamation of his business skills and the creative interests that rested in Pranjal’s heart.

Thus was born a venture that aims at capturing the beauty of human emotions in their truest and most natural form.

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