3D Wedding Photography

Marriage is one of the most awaited and life changing event in an individual’s life. People love to share and treasure their wedding moments for their lifetimes. Photography indeed forms the very soul of weddings for a good coverage of the wedding tale can seal those memories in the couple’s hearts forever.

Over the years, as the customs, attires, tastes and preferences have undergone a change, so have the photography styles.

While for most people entering the wed lock, traditional posed photographs and video coverage are essential, there has been a marked shift in the preferences which have slowly moved towards capturing moments in their true naturalness. This has resulted in the emergence and growing popularity of candid photography and cinematography. While candid cinematography attempts at presenting the wedding moments in a complete cinema style extravaganza, there are new styles which have become the talk of the town.

One such photography style that is very fascinating and gaining increasing popularity is the 3D Wedding Photography.

We all have heard of and truly relished some brilliant 3D blockbusters. But how does 3D fit into somebody’s marriage?

Well, with the ongoing technological advancements and the newly marked transition towards 3D technology, some photographers have turned to new ways of revolutionising their client’s wedding sagas.

How does this 3D work?

The 3D album or video works precisely on the same principle as a normal human eye. We humans see the world around us in 3D i.e. we are able to see the depth of pictures around us. How this is made possible is because of the slightly different images our left and our right eye pick up. Now the marvel is done by our brain which fuses these slightly different pictures together giving us the perception of depth.

Photographers utilise this very principle and capture 3D images giving the event their true grandeur and translating the wedding event into an enrapturing story.

This effect can be achieved either by using high-quality 3D cameras or through a dual lens/sensor system to capture a particular scene from different positions or by using a standard single lens camera and moving the camera to click different pictures between the shots. In the latter two, specialised computer software is used to infuse the 3D effect into these pictures.

Because this new technology is so close to reality, it is generating great interest amongst couples. Not only does 3D infuse life into traditional wedding ceremony, it yields far more immersive images making the clients gaze the images longer than usual completely smitten by the aura of the realism in their captured memories.

3D albums can also serve as very meaningful and beautiful gifts for the attendees of one’s wedding.

The costs of 3D photography can vary from a few thousand to lakhs per day of shooting depending on the photographers and their offerings.

With the world slowing shifting towards 3D technology and 3D devices, 3D photography is here to stay and create a mark of its own.

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